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Blue Diamond Love

His blue eyes are stunning. She can't help but fall for him. But he hides an incredible secret…

Five years after her divorce, Pamela Brandon wasn't looking for love. When she meets a mysterious stranger, Hunter Reese, she's entranced by his blue eyes. His eye color is rare for an African-American and identical to her own. While he's cold to her at first, Hunter opens up, and the two fall madly in love.

As their whirlwind romance spins into a marriage proposal, Pamela can't believe her luck. But there's more to Hunter than meets the eye, and she has no idea just how far he's traveled to bring their lives together.

Blue Diamond Love is the first book in a science fiction romance series. If you like riveting suspense, page-turning plots, and love that seeks to conquer all odds, then you'll love L Rita St. Claire's surprising and compelling debut.

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Blue Love Song

Can love move heaven, earth, and even time?

After being separated from Hunter for three years, Pamela’s hard-fought new marriage to him shatters when his revenge-seeking ex-wife from the future invades their life. She uncovers evidence that Hunter broke the law again and will use it to rip him and their child from her. Pamela’s only option is to travel to the future with him and help defend their right to be together.

Once there, she encounters a world full of incredible technology and soul-crushing obstacles. After his ex-wife’s disclosure, the government in the twenty-fourth century wants to permanently separate Hunter and Pamela. His mission as a time-traveler is to study the twenty-first century, not re-create it by marrying Pamela and fathering a child with her. The resulting battle for her family wages in and out of the courtroom and across vast distances in time. Throughout the conflict, Pamela holds on to Hunter’s promise of forever. Will he be able to keep his vow?

Blue Love Song is the second book in a time travel romance series. If you like sweeping love stories that leave your breathless, you’ll enjoy this sequel to Blue Diamond Love. Buy it today and discover how love can move heaven, earth, and even hell.

Midnight and Orchids

They are divided by religion, and yet the passion is overwhelming. Something’s got to give. Will he choose her?

After the disaster with Tranquility, Zahara Chandler is looking to get her life back in order and to forget all about Hunter. He’s chosen Pamela, and that’s that. She throws herself into her work, studying ancient Egypt in the flesh despite the dangers.

But back in the twenty-fourth century, the Institute needs her to avert a looming crisis, a conflict with the True Christians over time-travel. Zahara engages in a public debate with Aland D’ Amario, a man oozing with confidence in his outdated beliefs, one whose eyes are chips of anthracite that haunt Zahara’s dreams.

As passion overtakes them, Zahara and Aland discover something more in each other than that first strained meeting would have suggested. But his reservations about time travel run deep, and the grip of the True Christians on him is strong. Zahara may just have to fight for him, just as he fights for her. Will love conquer all?

Midnight and Orchids is the third standalone book in a romantic time travel series. If you like love stories that demand sacrifice for the ultimate reward, then you’ll love this addition to the Love Blues series.

Autumn at Sunset

Time will either heal their wounds, or rip new ones wide open…

When Malik time traveled to the past and vanished, Autumn wasn’t sure she’d survive the loss. But somehow, she did. She moved on. Then Malik resurfaced and everything changed. Now, she has to choose between Malik, and her new husband, Chris. The choice would be so much easier if she didn’t love them both …

Chris is in uncharted territory. He’s always led a charmed life. But now, faced with the very real prospect of losing his wife, he has no idea how to keep his perfect world from falling apart. How’s a man who has never had to fight for anything supposed to win against someone who has nothing left to lose?

Now that the past and present have collided, only one thing is certain. Someone that Autumn loves will get hurt.

Autumn at Sunset, book four in the Love Blues Series, is an angsty, standalone, time travel romance featuring a sexy love triangle, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Download today and get ready to fall in love with your new favorite series.

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