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Time will either heal their wounds, or rip new ones wide open…

When Malik time traveled to the past and vanished, Autumn wasn’t sure she’d survive the loss. But somehow, she did. She moved on. Then Malik resurfaced and everything changed. Now, she has to choose between Malik, and her new husband, Chris. The choice would be so much easier if she didn’t love them both …

Chris is in uncharted territory. He’s always led a charmed life. But now, faced with the very real prospect of losing his wife, he has no idea how to keep his perfect world from falling apart. How’s a man who has never had to fight for anything supposed to win against someone who has nothing left to lose?

Now that the past and present have collided, only one thing is certain. Someone that Autumn loves will get hurt.

Autumn at Sunset, book four in the Love Blues Series, is an angsty, standalone, time travel romance featuring a sexy love triangle, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Download today and get ready to fall in love with your new favorite series.

"I've read all four books in this series and have loved each one! This one, however, may be my favorite! I love a good romance. When you add historical facts and intrigue , oh my! At every turn Ms. St. Claire had me on edge! She then weaved the answer using the magic of a very unique and talented mind! I can't wait for book five of the series!! Thank you for gifting us with your genius!"

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